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Effect of Sovereignty on Jurisdiction

Sovereignty is the quality of having supreme, independent authority over a territory.  The general rule is that the sovereign and its instrumentalities cannot be sued without the consent of the sovereign.  This general rule is applicable to admiralty.[i] In a proceeding in rem, a ship is considered a person.  However, when the exemption on the ground of sovereignty is concerned, the personality of the ship cannot be severed from the sovereign to whom it belongs.[ii]

However, if there is no consent of Congress, then the U.S. is not subject to admiralty jurisdiction.  Such exemption from both admiralty jurisdiction and seizure under admiralty process are absolute for a public vessel of the U.S.  A court has no jurisdiction to determine whether the government is the rightful owner of a public vessel claimed as its own without the consent of Congress.[iii]

The doctrine of sovereign immunity embodied in the eleventh amendment [iv] bars an admiralty claim against the state.[v] In order to be exempt from admiralty process, a vessel must be solely owned by the state or its agency and it must be engaged in a governmental function.

Whereas, a vessel in the possession and service of a friendly foreign government is exempted from American admiralty jurisdiction.  Anyhow, this immunity is not extended to a merchant vessel in private possession which is owned by a foreign government.[vi] However, the exemption from admiralty jurisdiction on the ground of sovereignty can be waived by the U.S. Congress, by foreign sovereigns, and by American states.

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