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Supplemental Admiralty Rules

The Supplemental Rules for Certain Admiralty and Maritime Claims provide the special procedures for arrest, attachment, actions in rem, possessory, petitory, and partition actions, and limitation of liability unique to admiralty law.  The Supplemental Rules provide two types of prejudgment seizure procedures.  Rule B provides a prejudgment attachment or garnishment of property when one party has a maritime claim against another party who cannot be found within the district for service of process. Rule C permits a maritime lienholder to arrest a vessel or other maritime property, such as cargo, subfreights, or bunkers, against which it has an in rem claim, to enforce, by judicial sale if necessary, its maritime claim in rem (i.e., against the property itself).  Rule F provides the procedures for filing a complaint to invoke the Ship owner’s Limitation of Liability Act, to exonerate or limit a ship owner’s liability arising from a marine casualty to the value of the vessel plus pending freight.

Supplemental Rules will prevail over the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, when there is a conflict between the two rules.

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